If you need help with the map, here is the walk through for the introduction part:
#1 ​In one of the corners, jump up and flick a switch which opens a door on the opposite side

​#2 Go through the door and you will see another door. In the first room there's a button, stand in the middle​​ of the doorway, press it and run at the second door

​#3 You are now in a long corridor, near the beginning there's a small hole on your right. flick the lever hidden in it and pistons will open a doorway back in the first room​

​#4 This was one of the things i would expect everyone to get stuck on. It's actually quite a nice glitch here but if you stand on the very last block and power the piston underneath you, you will fall through down into the alleyway. you should probably rest in this bed

​#5 When you come up the ladder, there's blocks behind you that you can stand on. you must jump around the corner and onto the ladder, for some people it will be easy but for others it will be hell. once up there's a switch underneath one of the diamond blocks, flick it to enable a water stream to flow that you must climb up

​#6 ​​​​this part should be fairly simple, just go jump from block to block then leap into the pit, you will fall safely.

#7 Ok now you're in a stone room​​. i can't really describe where it is but there's a lever hidden somewhere which opens a door down a corridor next to it.

#8 ​​You should be in a natural cave, follow the path although when you find the gravel look around for a pressure plate which will open a doorway. after that doorway, there's another plate. run over it and up the ladder as you only have a short time to reach the doorway.

#9 Once past the doorway, there's a pressure plate. crouch over it and you should be able to avoid the trap.​ This part will be hard, you must jump onto each door. once completed DO NOT go into the cave as it's an obvious trap​, just follow the path on the right.

#10 Now you must find the cave. if you walk straight​​ then when you're at the side of the mountain go right and there's an entrance hidden behind a tree. Just stay on top of the trees while looking at the mountain. DO NOT sleep as you need to sleep later and just follow the track down.

#11​​ Just sleep in this bed and you will be teleported into the next room. follow the path all the way down and spam the button until you have around 12 ladders. now go left to the third section. count 3 rows down and there's a hole above you so just put your ladders down to climb up.

#12 Ok now you're into the locked room. the combination is:
​​​Down [|] Up [|] Down [|] Up [|] Up [|] Down
and now you're in the epic lock room.​ it shouldn't be too hard as it plays a sound when you get it right so just listen up.